Hi my name is Katie Joy and I’m a mother of two gorgeous boys Caleb and Khaio.

I’m also a Zumba Instructor and own a Dance Fitness business in Hervey Bay, sunny Queensland, Australia! I have been running the business full-time since 2009 as the sole source of income for my family.

I love fitness and I love meeting people online because its a way to connect with people all over the world.

Me, who am I?



Well, in a nutshell I left home at 15 years of age simply because I went on an extended holiday to the surfing capital of Australia, fell in love with surf and never came home (trust me, if you lived in Rockhampton in 1995 you would understand)….and YES from then on until now, I’m travel obsessed!

At 17 years of age, I was working in Japan, then spent 3 months holidaying in Bali. I sooooooo fell in love with the culture, language and surf, so I went back as an exchange student to live. I wanted to speak the local language with my friends I met instead of them trying to communicate in broken English. This was the start to my love of Asia and Asian cultures..and the world of discovery.

Back in 1997 I was still using a camera with film, then I upgraded to a digital camera with double AA batteries. Sometimes I wonder why my life would have been like if facebook was around then. The friends, the crazy experiences, it was when I felt most alive!

I had a big dream to work for the Unites Nations and wanted to master other “UN” languages such as Spanish, so naturally I went on another exchange in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My focus was helping developing countries with environmental issues and I was prepared to learn as much as I could. I spent another two years in South America, absorbing the culture, working between the Bolivian Amazon and capital (La Paz) with a local environmental NGO.  I became with obsessed with a Brasilian dance-martial art called Capoeira. I would train every single afternoon after work for hours with a small local group. This led me to seek out the place capoeira was born – Salavador, Bahia, Brasil. I just had to go.

I arrived there and registered myself into a capoeria angola school and began looking for work. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I ever afforded to go everything I ever wanted to do! I ended up teaching English for a while until I gained work at a Marine Turtle conservation group.  Eventually my visa ran out and I remember feeling extremely saddened to leave.

Another one of my favourite memories was living in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. This was when I was a flight attendant and had the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. This was truly heaven for me. The United Nations of airlines. I remember I had a little black book where I would record greetings in dozens of different laguages even distinguishing from local dialects. After the airlines life ran its course I managed to secure a job in Pemba, Mozambique. I loved Africa and here I wanted to learn african dance, weaving and life. I worked on a secluded aquaculture farm and became great friends with the very savvy scientist from India.

There are many little other travel stories including the traditional work in the UK, Ireland, Scotland thing that many Australians do. A Fiji adventure, Canada exploration on holiday from when I lived in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, USA.

Trying to round it up, I was about to start another exchange in Monterrey, Mexico for a Masters degree (notice a common thread….), and by this time I could speak fluently Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesia. Just after I arrived in Mexico I was offered a placement at the United Nations Environement Prograom in Bangokok, Thailand! This was a dream come true!

After working there I met my “soon to be husband” and we moved to New Zealand. We left after a few years on our way to live in the Maldives, but tragedy happened. Our first child was born really sick and we had stay in Australia at the intensive care unit for almost 2 months until he died in our arms in a rather traumatic drawn out death.

This followed by a year of house sitting and general depression. Eventually we moved to Hervey Bay for a fitness related job. Soon after Zumba Fitness boomed in Australia and the rest is history!


The reason I expressed my life above is so that you can see that there is a good chance I can relate you. I love people from all walks of life, from all over the world and have lived abroad working in almost all of the continents.

I feel that my main gift is listening and being able to connect the dots for people.. I’m also a great researcher and like to find solutions to problems.

Thank you for joining me on your journey through life. I can’t wait to connect with you and inspire you to reach a little higher and live a little fuller!

lots of love, joy and bubbles,


Katie Joy