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Bounce Back Big!

Motivation for single independent mothers!

Start With Gratitude ?

If you want to turn your life around, start with Gratitude. Download Your FREE Gratitude Journal, from me to you.

Make Money ?

Read my list of ways to make extra money, work from home jobs and business ideas especially suited for single mothers.

Helping You Have Your Best Year Ever!

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

You strive to live the life you always wanted, fulfilling your dreams while setting your kids up for success! Let’s unite as Powerful Mothers who choose to defy the negative perceptions of single parents!

Repeat After Me:

I believe there is something bigger for me.

I'm training my brain for positivity & will not blame, complain or play victim.

I take full responsibility for my life.

I am worthy, I am LIMITLESS!

Abundance Mindset

Change starts in your mind. If you are feeling unhappy or confused start here. I share everything that transformed my life.


Life-long learning is the key to success. Learn about the resources and mindset for educating your kids while travelling and supercharge your bond!

Travel Planning

Having mini-breaks, holidays or even travelling long-term is easier & cheaper than you think. Find out how


The perfect destination for a bit of self-healing and long term living for independant mums and their kids.

How Can I Help You?

I’m fusing all my love and passion to support single mothers because I know it can be tough! I promise to encourage you to do things you never dreamed possible, help you travel spontaneously with kids, live a rich and fulfilling life (even on a shoestring budget).

Get Your Mojo Back

Learn how to train your brain for positivity and to pick yourself up when you crash (we all do). Dial-in your energy to attract success and abundance and Bounce Back Big for setbacks!

Make Connections

Being a single mum can be lonely. Join single mums who are taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions. We don’t focus on who we were, but on who we want to B.E.C.O.M.E!

Travel More

What to have a kick-ass holiday or move to Bali for a bit of healing? Find out how to travel well and live long-term, even on shoe string budget!

Make Money Online

One of the easiest ways to earn a bit of extra cash if you’re a native English speaker is to teach English online. You can make US$1000-$2000 month for 15-30 hours a week. 


While working in my dream job at the United Nations, life took terrible a twist.

A volatile relationship, followed by the death of my first child, then 2 pregnancies filled with betrayal & a LOT of crying, it was either dig a grave and jump in or rise like I’ve never risen before!

Completely beyond character and self-belief I did the most terrifying thing and grew an incredible business with 2 kids under 2 and no family nearby to help! By channelling all my pain into something positive, I was transforming my life. Then I took a leap of faith and pursued a dream of living in Bali with my kids!

Feeling peace, healed and in love with life, I’m finally able to support other single mothers to Bounce Back Big! You Only Have One Life – Live It Your Way!

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Free Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is a daily practice that can transform your life! Follow this delightfully decorated guide to get inspired!

Tiny Changes - Big Dreams eBook

Tiny consistent changes make your big dreams come true! Get my free ebook, take the first step!

Stay in Touch

Let’s connect! I talk about travel, business, education  & abundance from the unique perspective of a single mother.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

“You have everything inside you right now to be an incredibly powerful mother. It’s your time to Rise”!

I’m on a mission to rise together as Powerful Mothers to raise global leaders. Single parenting is a phase, not a label. I want to make sure single mums don’t fall into the “struggle, lack and pity” mindset. If you’re in a phase of life of single parenting and what to refocus your energy to get your life back on track, join me and charge forth girl! I’ve got your back!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. It’s Your Time To Rise!

 Heal yourself before you jump into another relationship. This is for you if you’re a single or independent mum taking most of the responsibility for parenting and want to earn money online and travel!

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