You're one decision away from changing your life for the better.

Get focused

Build confidence

Feel happier

Find your passion

or even....

Work online...

Get back your freedom!

Travel the World

As a single mother

Well....I didn't know how to do it either

But I did it

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Hi, I’m Katie Joy

A single mother of two young boys. Like you, I never wanted to raise my kids alone.

It really sucks to have to have to pay all the bills. Try to save. Get ahead in life.

Hey, even change the lightbulb! Fix things that break, carry the burden of providing all the security.

And have no one to talk to when things get hard. 


Have you ever thrown yourself a victim pity party?

Well, I became a bit of a psycho, drowning myself “why me”? I even went as far to stake out like the cops do in the movies, to spy on my cheating husbands whereabouts, but I had my baby asleep in the back seat! 

So what changed?

I decided to block out all the bad and delve into the good!

Like Attracts Like

Focus on Good

Focus on something you know is positive.

Things were a bit topsy turvy and maybe it feels like that for you too. I sense you’re feeling better but still feeling a bit;

  • overwhelmed

  • unclear

  • not content

  • unfulfilled

  • trying to find your purpose and passion!

I know you are pretty kick ass because you have come here to learn and improve your life. But maybe you…


  • have an itching dream that you want so bad, but nobody around you seems to understand

  • want actionable advice on how to travel more, live more,  accomplish more on one income (because now you’re the sole breadwinner for your family)

  • had a pretty crappy time and are coming out of relationship feeling hurt,  betrayed and want all these ugly feelings to vanish into a land far far away….

No matter where you are in your life’s journey you want to get your shiz together, break through fear and self doubt and do all the things you wanted to do, have all the things you wanted to have!

You want BOUNCE BACK so Big!

“Becoming a single mother is a journey of self healing & rediscovery.”


You know you STILL want to live your dream life.

You just aren’t sure how to take the first step.

You feel stuck. Trust me my friend, I’ve totally been there. Now, around these things, I have a few core beliefs…

  • I believe you have the inherent, baby I was born with this power to do what ever it is that brings you joy and well as profit, and changes people’s lives.


  • I believe that what will truly makes you feel good is when you help others (and in turn help humanity).


  • I believe you have a Big Fat Goal you’ve kept hidden in the back of your mind for far too long. I’m here to help you bring it to life in an unstoppable way.

If I’m being honest, I also believe that staring at any part of that marvellous creation of a child you gave birth too can cure almost any bad day!

“Welcome to my pocket of the internet!”


I’m a mother of two gorgeous boys Caleb and Khaio who you will get to know along the way. Thank you for enjoying the content and my warped sense of humour. xx

I believe you deserve happiness, respect, and love. And I’m determined to give you the tools to create those feelings in every crevice and cranny of your existence.