11 Good Things About Australia That Australians Take for Granted

Most pools by the beach are free in Australia. This is Icebergs on Bondi Beach, Sydney & is one of the few that charge an entry fee.

After living 18 months in Indonesia with my two kids, I reluctantly returned so they could spend time with their father. Looking at the country with a new set of eyes, I really noticed and appreciated some things that so many people living here take for granted.

Free Parks, Pools & BBQ Areas

Compared to developing countries when you’re flat out if your tax money pays for a trash collector, Australia is pretty ‘up there’ when it comes to free stuff. I mean think about all the amazing parks! Not to mention the free patrolled swimming pools in Brisbane, Yeppoon, Cairns and everywhere else! We also have BBQ areas galore where you can cook up a snag while lusting over the most immaculate beachfront views.

Video: Free Public Pool in Southbank, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Cheap Basic Food

Despite that many people say Australia is expensive for food, I actually believe it is pretty cheap. The bare essentials like, bread, milk, pasta and oats are actually good value.

  • I was paying $2 for a loaf of bread in Bali and you can get one for is $1.50 here.
  • Milk was $2 for 1L and it’s only $1/L here.
  • Oats were $5 in Bali which I buy for $1-2 in Australia.
  • Our fruit and vegetables are a bit more expensive but not if you buy what is grown in season.
  • I won’t even get into the price of beef which is much cheaper in Australia.

Australian wine is cheap and good! Ok, I agree that wine should not be under the ‘basic food’ category, but I think it deserves a mention. Did you realise you can buy wine for less than a bottle of water?

I’ve seen wine for $3/ 750ml at Dan Murphies in Australia and that same quantity of bottled water for $4.50.

Looking at the basic living essentials, Australia is not expensive. But talking eating out, that’s a different story.

Amazing Libraries!

Australia public libraries have tons of space, air-con, free workshops and learning and development programs. You can learn coding, computer skills, crafts and even kids lego workshops, all for FREE!

Video: Library in Brisbane near Queen Street Mall at 266 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Fully Stocked Supermarkets

I was knocked off my feet with the choices in Woolworths and Coles supermarket. I mean seriously? There is so much choice my head was hurting. It’s hard to choose between what felt like 50 different varieties of bread.


Australia is so quiet, with tons of nature. I was walking and riding bikes with my kids in beautifully made pathways.

When I first began jogging in Indonesia I tripped really bad at least 3 times. Quickly (or not quickly enough) I realised I had to raise my feet higher to avoid hitting potholes, bumps and inconsistencies in the footpath.

Australia really does have good infrastructure. There is nature everywhere, even in the big cities. We make room for parks and recreational spaces which shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Big Open Roads

After riding a motorbike with 2 kids in Bali, coming back to an air-conditioned car and quiet streets was refreshing. Australia has a much more organised approach to traffic control.

Drinking Water From The Tap

It took us a while to realise we could shower AND drink the water as it poured over our faces. I was starting to feel like Queen Elizabeth, being able to bath in water that was also drinkable.

How luxurious.

Many Australian’s take it for granted we can actually drink the water straight from the tap without ending up getting violently sick.

Good Coffee

Getting a good cappuccino is hard enough in Asia but try to get soy milk, skim milk or some other milk!! Unless you’re living in Ubud, Bali, good luck! Indonesian coffee is typically made black. The ground up coffee granules settle on the bottom of your cup. It’s strong! Let’s say, not my cup of tea!

Australia on the other hand has a million choices and you can usually get a decent coffee at a coffee shop.

Flushing Toilet Paper Down The Toilet

This may seem absurd to some, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having the plumbing system efficient enough to allow me to actually flush toilet paper down the toilet and not put it in a bin beside the toilet.


Seriously, Australia is clean. The beaches, the roads, the parks, it’s a pretty clean country. We grow up accustomed to putting rubbish in the trash that we find it incomprehensible that people in Asia dump or leave trash on the ground.

Government Support

Employment pension, parenting allowances, disability support, carers allowance etc. are taken for granted and even thought of as a right rather than a privilege. After seeing so many people hustle sooooo hard to make a dollar and feed their families, when I see people chilling out on the ‘dole’ it irks me.

I think it’s a wonderful way to get back on your feet and important to care for everyone in our country, including those with disabilities. It helps keep children away from working on the street and helps parents raise their kids .Australians are seriously one of the ‘lucky countries’ to have a government that offers some sort of financial support. Most of the world has to fend for themselves, relying on extended families.

So what do you think? Anything you think I should add? Let me know, email hello@katie-joy.com

Steps To Overcome Being Told You’re Not Good Enough

Your Inner Critic Wants to Protect You

Divorce and becoming a single mother can make you feel like you’re not good enough. But this feeling of unworthiness starts much earlier. Every negative message and comment directed towards you early in your life end up sticking around as a supercritical voice in your head. You might know it as your inner voice telling you stuff like:

“You look so fat in that picture”

“There is NO-WAY you can do that”

“Nobody will listen to you”

“You don’t have anything valuable to give”

“You’re not smart enough to do that”.

But it’s important to realise it’s there only to protect you, keep you safe and prevent you from getting hurt. But it’s not at all going to help you GROW!

The Feeling of Failure Sucks

Even some seemingly dumb experiences can give this voice strength to hold you back!

I know for me it was being really good at netball and not making it into the rep team when I was 13! That might not seem like a big deal to some people but it was one of those ‘moments’ that made me think ‘I’m not good enough’…or should I say the experience made me BELIEVE I wasn’t good enough.

My inner voice would say things like “you’re not as good as you think you are”, so why try out the following year and risk feeling all that disappointment again?

Let’s face it, to an untrained mind the feeling of failure sucks. It was only trying to protect me from feeling bad, but does that voice help me grow. Nup, no-way.

Your Inner Critic Will Keep You Stuck

If left unchecked that harsh internal critical voice can quickly spiral you into feeling like crap or even into depression. 

Messages that tell you that you’re not good enough, not capable, become part of what you tell yourself in your mind on a daily basis. It becomes a habit and you don’t know any different. Once there, those messages can be challenging to remove or reframe.

It’s not your true thoughts, it’s a self-destructive stream of thinking inside your mind that always seeks to keep you safe. Which roughly translates to keeping you stuck, undercutting your happiness and holding you back from success.


You Can Reprogram Your Inner Dialogue

The great news is, you can overcome your inner critic and start reprogramming your mind. Woooo hoooo! Your internal dialogue can be transformed into a positive, comforting companion. It takes some work and doesn’t happen overnight. But there are many ways to shut that voice down. Take a look at the following steps to shedding your inner critical voice and giving yourself a mind massage!

#1 Become aware of what you say to yourself in your head. Most people have a voice running through their thoughts all day, every day. That voice is a negative reflection of our self-image, our self-esteem. When you feel down over something, pay attention to your thoughts. Are they straying into the unrealistically negative?

#2 Let mistakes go. Stop beating yourself up over mistakes, failures or embarrassments. There’s just no use in going over things that didn’t go right. Sometimes people think that be replaying whatever went wrong over and over, they can somehow learn not to make that mistake. In reality, it’s just fodder for our darkest thoughts about ourselves.

#3 Contradict your inner critic’s exaggerations with facts. Your inner critic always exaggerates. For example, an inner voice who tells you that you’re always weak can be countered with your writing or saying to yourself, “No, I have problems sometimes, but here I am. I get through my problems.”

#4 Thank your negative inner voice but don’t do what it tells you! It will tell you to give up, or quit your job, or out and out die. That voice can be that horribly harsh sometimes. But recognise it’s trying to protect you and thank it for looking out for you.

#5 Ask yourself this question: Is this in the best interest for me to achieve my goals and personal growth”. If it’s not leading you to where you want to be. Then recognise your inner critic for doing its job. Act with compassion toward yourself and be true to who you are—the best you, the real you. Let your negative inner voice know the things you want to achieve, the good outcomes in life you deserve, and that you chose to focus on those even though it may be uncomfortable or risky. Life is only lived once huh! Best to try than not to try at all!

#6 Consider what’s the worst that could happen. If your inner voice is screaming that you’re going to blow an important presentation and be fired and never get another job, redirect that scary exaggeration. Consider: even if you got fired, you’d find another job. Make sure to confront your inner voice with reality.

#7 Be kind to yourself. Ask yourself if you’d speak to a friend or your own child in the same way your critical voice speaks to you. Would you tell someone you loved “You always mess up,” or “Why bother? Everyone thinks you’re ridiculous.” Of course, we don’t talk that way to people we value, but we lash ourselves with those terrible statements daily. Extend yourself the same kindness you give others.

So Just Talk Nice To Yourself

Finally, practice self-talk. When your inner critic gets going, tell yourself that the fear isn’t you. Sometimes you’re afraid, because you’re human, and everyone is afraid sooner or later. However, that fear isn’t who you are, and it’s not going to stop you. When it comes to your inner critical voice trying to scare you into immobility, remember that it’s ok to be scared.

Be scared and still go forward boldly with your life! You got this!

From Grief to Greatness!

Inspiring Quotes: I had a phase of lemons and finally made lemonade!

I seriously went through such a long painful journey starting with cancer, the death of my first child, a shattered relationship full of lies, deceit and serial cheating (no judgement), falling in love again and having it all repeat, friends I let too close to my business ending in betrayal….rebuilding my business again, having it happen again…

Seeing a pattern huh? I’m obviously not learning my lessons the first time.

geeez I could go on and on…. you might have seen fun loving pictures I always had posted but I was always hurting inside! Sometimes on my worst days I would share the most positive things (perhaps I just wanted it so bad). Ive always been so positive and despite my pain I never wanted people to know my pain. I didn’t want simpathy or help or even to read loving words of kindness. I didnt want to come to terms with my pain.

I didnt want to acknowledge it.

Until I had to. My time in Bali Ive had to face the ugly truth. The pain, the hurt, my imperfections, my mistakes and weirdly and wonderfully work through them!

Today I hung out with an incredible young woman whose rawness and beauty edged me closer to opening up and finding my truth. Im so grateful for this life of pain and pleasure that leads us uncover new depths we never knew existed.

I truely feel like my lemons are turning to lemonade…and if you have some serious heart wrenching cr*p going on…keep pushing forward and always remember to be kind to yourself.

Love n smiles,

Kt xx

from office job to Zumba business….

Who would love to merge over to a full time job doing what you love!!

Sounds pretty awesome huh!

I know you would really love to just teach your dance fitness program, such as Zumba and make a full time income, however I have researched lots of case studies and it appears the key is in diversification.

If you can offer a range of different things, such as life coaching, personal training, different programs, nutrition, wellness etc. Then you are more likely able to earn a decent income.


Below is a interview with Tammy Gunn who shares her tips on starting a Zumba business.





Disclaimer: Published on Mar 12, 2014 Youtube by Artik

Highlights of the interview with Tammy Gunn, focusing on the business portion of the interview. Tammy Gunn operates a Zumba and Laughter Yoga fitness business in Toronto, Canada.
(Full interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aptZ3M…)
Key points in the interview:
• How she left a full-time job and started her own business
• Advice to anyone considering the same move
• Why starting part-time and hiring a business coach is a good idea
• The importance of planning and setting up goals for several time periods
• Marketing tips for getting new customers
• Word of mouth marketing
• Social media marketing with special offers
• Guerrilla marketing with posters
Tammy Gunn is a friend, and a customer of custom printed promotional items at www.artik.com

The Secret Formula for a Zumba Kids Demo Class!

How to Teach a Zumba Demo Class Alone (No Back Up)

Recently I had to teach Zumba at a huge combined school event for Under 8’s Day.

It could be daunting as I arrived alone.
I’ve literally told no-one.
I’m scheduled to teach Zumba on the stage.

This would have terrified me if I didn’t know and trust the secret formula to succeed at events!

Some of the questions I used to ask were:
  • “Will anyone join in?”
  • “Will I be just dancing around like a jelly bean on my own?”

Or worse….

  • “Will people walk by and not even notice me?”

Don’t worry. Here are the key steps to success:

Dress to Impress!

That’s right ..it’s for kids!! So turning up in boring colours just won’t cut it. Even though Zumba has done a great job with their Zumba wear collection…turn it up a notch or two or three!

As long as your target is under 12 years here are:

Your Top Accessories for Standing Out:

  • wear a bright wigs
  • tie bright matching arm tassels over your arm
  • add a skirt
  • spray yourself in glitter (I use glitter hair spray on my body and the whole can only cost $2.99)
  • put on the lippy
  • get anything that glitters
  • put on Punky Brewster knee high socks
  • wear a funky cap
  • think like Harley Quinn, Lady Gaga with their magnetic, crazy-out-there styles
  • whatever your unique style is…mix and mash!

Dress to impress will do huge amounts to draw attention and interest! Which is key to drawing a cold crowd in! That’s a crowd that has never seen or heard of you or maybe even Zumba!

Pick an Easy English Song that’s Interactive! (PEESI)

Easy easy easy! Did I say that…easy !!! I mean 3-4 moves max! Literally, arms waving, stomping, side step, you get the picture.

It’s Not About You.

This is not about you or showing off your best dancing. Zumba is not about dancing. It’s about fun, freedom and moving to music. Why is their catch phrase “loose yourself in the music”?

Your #1 Goal is to Get Kids Moving

Your goal at a demo is about the kids! Your goals is to get AS MANY KIDS AS POSSIBLE moving and having fun to music!

Concentrate on those who you get moving and make sure they can keep up the pace. Most have never been to a Zumba class and even if they have, it’s best to pick super duper easy songs to get them to have fun and look like a super pro!

Easy English Songs

Of course, only use English songs if it’s the national language of your country or a very famous and familiar song in the country where you’re teaching. When the song is interactive in the language of your country they will get it much faster. Eg. “Throw your hands up”, “move to the left” …they hear it and can do it. These songs are perfect for demos!

High Energy, Lot’s of Vocals

High energy with lots of vocal points. These are great for demos, with lots of ooh ohh, woop woop, clap clap..you get the picture. Even a follow the leader or jump and spin your friend. Kids respond really well to these songs because they are incredibly fun!

Be Number One on the Mic

Before you start it’s your job to speak with energy, passion and vitality and tell everyone what you want and expect. Here are some tips of what to say on the microphone:

  • Invite superstars to join you.
  • Say you expect all the kids who love music and dance to come forward and that you have a special treat for them.
  • Tell them you will choose those fun-loving dancers to come up on stage with you.

Give Rewards

  • Stickers
  • Dance Certificate post cards / flyers (on one side it has a Dance Star award and on the other side is the class timetable which is also a great promotion for your classes).

Keep it Short!

No more than 10-15mins. That’s 3-4 songs. That’s it. Any more and it is too much for a public demo.

You want to come in strong and leave strong.

You want a big crowd super engaged and then lining up with their parents after the session who want to know more!

Give High Fives

High five as many of the kids you can after the session

So Back to my story about Under 8s Day…

The BEST thing about this day was bringing kids up on the stage… Some were new and had never done any Zumba before… they didn’t know me from a bar of soap…

They all rocked it and we drew in a massive crowd. Everyone stops in their tracks and watches. This is common.

It’s what you want!

That’s magic!

The smiles on their faces, the joy, the happiness!

Follow the steps above and you’ll find it so easy!

You don’t have to practice for weeks to perform a dance on a stage, but you still get all the benefits that come with performing!

Plus great fitness!

Zumba is a really beneficial program for kids! I’m obviously a huge advocate because I’ve seen the change in my children from being involved in easy dance!

I love the Zumba Kids program and sincerely hope this helps you rock your next demo!

Let me know in the comments below.

With love, light and magic dance dust!


Dance Poem for Mums

Happy Mothers Day!!! Let’s love Mums Days 💞💞
YOU’RE a dance MUM 💃
who loves to have FUN 🎊

You ROCK⭐️
COZ you dance around the CLOCK ⏲

YOU take care of your BODY 👙
and don’t listen to NOBODY👪

YOU just feel the MUSIC inside YOU U 🎧🎧
Pulsing out the BLUE 😰

YOU unite for PURPOSE 🌎
and make the sweat & aches WORTH IT 🏋🏼

YOU know your body will feel GOOD🏆
BUT it’s what’s under the HOOD 🏡

and that’s the way you were born to BE!! 🎈