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Steps To Overcome Being Told You’re Not Good Enough

Your Inner Critic Wants to Protect You Divorce and becoming a single mother can make you feel like you're not good enough. But this feeling of unworthiness starts much earlier. Every negative message and comment directed towards you early in your life end up sticking...

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From Grief to Greatness!

I seriously went through such a long painful journey starting with cancer, the death of my first child, a shattered relationship full of lies, deceit and serial cheating (no judgement), falling in love again and having it all repeat, friends I let too close to my...

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from office job to Zumba business….

Who would love to merge over to a full time job doing what you love!! Sounds pretty awesome huh! I know you would really love to just teach your dance fitness program, such as Zumba and make a full time income, however I have researched lots of case studies and it...

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The secret formula for a Zumba demo for KIDS!

Recently I had to teach Zumba at a huge combined school event do Under 8's Day. It could be daunting as I arrive ALONE, I've told NO-ONE & I'm scheduled to teach Zumba on the stage. I know some instructors would & should be nervous - especially if they are not...

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The 10% Principle!

I've decided it's time to push you that little bit harder!! You may be in routine .. A plateau with your Zumba workout...your body has adjusted to your exercise schedule & level of intensity .... Now I'm going to push you to reach in for 10% extra tonight!!! Till...

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  • I just want more – to travel, get fit, feel happier.

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