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My Zumba Journey 2010-2015

MY ZUMBA JOURNEY - BY WENDY RIVERA "Reading this and had a bit of laugh LOL thought I would share WARNING its a bit long!! So since coming to Hervey Bay back in 2004 I discovered two amazing things which fell into the passionate category for me. - The first was Latin...

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WoW❤️❤️❤️ MoM❤️❤️❤️ Happy Mothers Day!!! Let's love Mums Days 💞💞 YOU'RE a ZCLUB MUM 💃 who loves to have FUN 🎊 ... You ROCK⭐️ COZ you dance around the CLOCK ⏲ ... YOU take care of your BODY 👙 and don't listen to NOBODY👪 ... YOU just feel the MUSIC inside YOU U 🎧🎧...

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Lovely friends, be a part of this amazing spectacle as we celebrate with a symbolic whale migration along The Esplanade. Glowing, shining, beaming and sparkling for a cause!!! Let us come together for the much loved Illumination Parade. CALLING ALL FITNESS LOVERS to...

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DietBet – a fun way to lose weight !!

Join me for a FIT & FABULOUS SUMMER!!! LOOSE A FEW KILOS IN A FUN WAY!!! Starting after the school holidays bet US$15 (AU$21) to loose 4% of your body weight! All contestants entries go into a POT & the total is divided by the WINNERS!! I'm the only entry so...

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So proud of the ZCLUB AWESOME TEAM! Everybody has their strengths & we are so lucky to have the healing Cheryl Virgo who conducts our monthly team massage & works to keep us glued together as an evolving ZCLUB spirit. THE HEALER   Wendy Rivera who drives us...

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Cut the cr#p! You can be ANYBODY you want to BE!

I have something deeply personal to share.... But quite remarkable !! 7 years ago Nov 1, 2008 I lost my first baby at 6 weeks of age. This diary entry highlights that I was still suffering deep pain still 6 mths later! If you know someone who has lost somebody close...

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