Vipassana Meditation Silent Retreat a Must Do for Single Mothers!

If you have ever heard of or been intrigued about the idea of a silent meditation retreat then it might be time for you to register for a Vipassana course!

It was something I always wanted to do but then fell pregnant and had a baby to nurse. 6 years later I felt that opportunity had appeared. Not only did I feel my kids were old enough to happily spend 10 days without any contact with me, but a course was scheduled to start on the school holidays. Their father had reappeared in their lives and wanted to spend time with them, so it was really a win-win.

I have to admit I was extremely nervous and was tossing around ideas that I could fly over to LA or Thailand and spend 10 days kid free doing whatever the hec I wanted! 6 years of raising kids alone will do that to you! I would think, 10 days freedom….and I want to spend it in a concentration camp? What the hec?

Since I felt all clogged up with pain from the past and a lingering lack of clarity in life, I thought it was the best investment of my time to commit to 10 days, follow the technique and see what happens.


Why Every Single Mother Should Go on a Silent Retreat

Peace and Quiet

This may seem obvious, but honestly it’s worth it’s weight in GOLD. If you have been raising kids on your own, giving yourself 10 days peace and quiet will help you balance and reset.


Ok, technically it’s not very restful if you were to fiercely stick to the schedule that starts with 4am meditation. However, if you choose to meditate in your room as much as possible. You’re able to sit on your bed which is much more comfortable and allows you to feel rested.

Time out for You

As a mother you’ve spent probobly most of your time thinking about your kids and putting them first. You haven’t had much time to think about yourself or to prioritise your goals, dreams, desires and own mental health. Commiting to a 10 day Vipassana Silent Mediation Retreat gives you the space to dig deep into your inner pysche and release some internal blocks and issues that may have been holding you back. It also just gives you time to clear out your busy mind and give your brain a rest!

Gain Clarity

You didn’t go into a relationship wanting to end up single. Suddenly reality hits and you go into survival mode trying to figure out how to keep your lifestyle and house or assets together and also agree upon fair child care arrangements. It can be a jumbled mess at the best of times. Once things have settled down, you are probably at a stage where you’re seeking some clarity. Giving yourself a 10 day block is one of the best things you could do. If you can arrange it with child care, great! Perhaps parents or other trusted family members could help. Do your best, but if you need to wait until your kids are a bit older, just put it on your bucket list to do!


What is Vipassana Meditation?

The official website describes it abstractly as a way of self-transformation through self-observation. It explains that it focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body, which can be experienced directly by disciplined attention to the physical sensations that form the life of the body, and that continuously interconnect and condition the life of the mind.


Vipassana meditation is a state in which the mind is brought to rest, focused only on one thing and not allowed to wander.


When you bring your mind to rest, you can observe your sensations which is either a pain (for example your back aches from sitting on your bum, or you get itching sensations and random weird stuff happening because your mind is going nuts sitting still for once) or pleasurable sensations of tingling vibrations kinda like when you just hop out of cold spa after a hot sauna (but of course it’s difference for everyone). Anyway, it’s a feeling that feels good. Imagine almost like a subtle sustained orgasm (if you took away the fact that your having sex and just isolated that feeling of euphoria).

Accommodation – Vipassana Meditation Centre Sunshine Coast

The accommodation is comfortable although please not that you’ll most likely be sharing and use a shared bathroom.

What to Pack for a Vipassana Meditation Course

You’ll be told to what to bring which is basically:

  • pillowslip, sheets and blankets or doona. From May to September Pomona can be very cold at night (occasionally below freezing).
  • for meditation, a blanket or shawl.
  • an adequate supply of modest, loose and comfortable clothing, which covers the body from the shoulders to below the knees, even when sitting (facilities for hand washing of clothes are provided).
  • towels and toiletries for the duration of the course.
  • torch with spare batteries.
  • umbrella or raincoat.
  • small clock or watch (not mobile phones).
  • insect repellent (optional).
  • small water bottle or cup (optional).

What NOT to bring:

  • media players (eg iPods/MP3`s),computers, cameras.
  • books, writing materials.
  • musical instruments.
  • revealing or brief clothing: you will not be able to wear shorts or skirts which stop above the knee, including when sitting, sleeveless or low cut tops, vests or singlets, form-fitting pants or tights (unless covered by a loose garment down to the knees).
  • food (a wide variety is provided).
  • unprescribed sleeping pills, tranquillisers, stimulants.
  • tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • furs or animal skins, crystals, rosaries or other religious objects
  • jewellery or valuables (facilities are provided for safekeeping of money, mobile phones, etc.).
  • scented toiletries, perfumes, essential oils or incense.

What to Bring [Winter]

Thermos for tea
Ugg boots, sneakers for walking, slip on shoes
Comfy long pants
Watch / alarm clock
Hand towel
Candle electric light
Woolie socks

Getting to The Vipassana Centre (‘Dhamma Rasmi‘)

The Vipassana Centre (‘Dhamma Rasmi‘) is in Rules Rd, Pomona. If driving to the Centre, please use Google maps, as some vehicle satnavs will not direct you correctly.

For travel directions and transport options from Brisbane,  Brisbane airport and Sunshine Coast airport go to www.rasmi.dhamma.org/location.html. If flying to the course, please be aware that Sunshine Coast (Maroochydore) airport is the closest to the Centre. From there, a shuttle bus service is operated by Active Tours and Transfers (who also operate a service from Brisbane airport).   It is helpful to check the shuttle bus timetable prior to booking your flight, as shuttle buses are infrequent.  You will need to book your seat on the shuttle in advance.

If you are intending to drive to the Centre please note that, although off-street parking is provided, all those parking there do so at their own risk.

If you would like to offer a ride or are looking for a ride then go to http://rides.server.dhamma.org/rasmi/.

How Much Does a Vipassana Meditation Course Cost?

Courses in this Vipassana tradition are run solely on a donation basis. Donations are accepted only from those who have completed at least one ten-day course with S.N. Goenka or one of his assistant teachers. Having experienced the benefits of Vipassana, students taking the course for the first time may give a donation on the last day of the course.

What if I’m Sick?

If there is any significant change in your physical or mental health, or use of medication, please notify us as soon as possible. If you are taking medication, please remember to bring enough for the entire course.

What does it really do? SPOILER ALERT!


Don’t read if you don’t want to know ANYTHING about Vipassana (recommended).


As explained by Mr. S.N. Goenka, it works deep in your subconscious by slowly, layer by layer bringing up and releasing your core (unhealthy) beliefs. He says it’s not a quick fix and 10 days it only the beginning to learn the technique. He says that if you surrender to the technique then you will experience results after 10 days which will only continue to help you if you continue with the technique which is (cough, cough, a minimum of 2 hours meditation a day). I could be one of most sceptical people on Earth so you can imagine this would not have went down well if revealed to me on Day 1 or 2. This is only what we hear on the final day. I went into it not knowing very much and not really having any expectations.


Skip to the end if you want to know my final outcome.

Day 1


We arrive between 3-5pm and have a delicious vegetarian dinner at 6pm. We can TALK! I spend this time getting to know as many people as possible before we are silenced and unable to communicate as in gestures, notes, smiles etc for the next 10 days.


We hand in all our electronics and contact with the outside world plus all of our reading and writing material. The first meditation starts at 8pm in which I’m absolutely terrible at and can’t seem to get my mind to be quiet for any period of 3 seconds.



Day 2



4:00am wake up bell

4:30 – 6:30am meditation in hall or own room

6:30am breakfast and rest

9 – 11am await instruction (might be meditation in hall or you might be allowed to go back to your room)

11am lunch and rest

1 – 2:30pm meditation in hall or own room


3:30 – 5pm await instruction (might be meditation in hall or you might be allowed to go back to your room)

5 – 6pm dinner


7 – 8:30pm Discourse




I was getting better at holding my concentration and my body pain wasn’t as bad!


Desire after day 2:


# To sharpen my mind

# Control focus during stressful times

# Think clearly and sharply




Focus on sensations under nostrils and above the upper lip to focus attention and sharpen the mind on a small area.


Crazy mind – this is when I would sit in the hall with 50 people all zened out and imagine myself running around screeching topless. It was my inner rebel trying to break free! I’m sure many people go home on day 3!


The croaky mantra from Goeneka were really heightened and I think anyone who hasn’t been to a Hari Krisha or some other form of mantras/chanting before would pretty much start freaking out.


Here I was getting so many thoughts going on that I was desperate to document things. But I had handed in all my writing material. I found a pen at the bottom on my suitcase and honestly felt like a pen or pencil would be the biggest gift in the world to someone in prison. You can’t imagine how overjoyed with gratitude I was to find a pen! But of course I had nothing to write on and I had no idea if it would even work since it had most likely been sitting 6 years in my suitcase! In the bathroom I discovered 2 possible solutions 1) the paper bags for ladies to wrap their menstral items in or paper hand towels. I broke the rules and started writing with my contraband pen (yes it worked) on paper towels from the ladies toilets! 


I’m not one for journaling or writing so it was very special for me to actually FEEL like writing.  This gave me a little recluse when all the yogis would go to the hall to meditate. I could sit happy as larry in my room alternating between writing, sleeping and meditating.


Day 3


Still feeling completely in love with silence.


For any mother who has raised two kids alone for 8 years, having quiet time without being interrupted on the toilet, in the shower, no cleaning, no shopping, no TV, voices, no rushing to make breakfast, lunches and do the school run, exercise wasn’t even allowed. It was a total zone out. A blissful refuge to be in complete silence! Food was made for me, I didn’t have to talk to anyone, I could be a snob without anyone judging me, enjoy my food in peace and savour my scheduled tea break! Seriously loving it still on Day 4.


I made a deal that I would only meditate in the hall if required and at all other times I was to relax in the comfort of my quiet room to work on my mind.


For dinner, something that I wasn’t aware of, you only get fruit and for old students just lemon tea. I really don’t like fruit except strawberrier, blueberries and all the fancy fruits. Apples, oranges, pears, I’ll pass thanks…except!


I was hungry.


I found out on the tea table there was psyllium husk in a jar and managed to mix up 3 teaspoons, half a cup of hot water and half a cup of milk, making a kind of cereal drink. I couldn’t believe later on it would be a drink that I really looked forward to given the options. After returning home I tried to drink it and almost vomited it down the sink. It’s amazing what joy restrictions can bring.


On Day 4, I couldn’t imagine having any breakthroughs as for me it was feeling like any other meditation.  I was feeling pretty cosy and honestly not sure I would get anything much out of it except for an awesome time out from the world. I was feeling that every mum should do this. Totally amazing.


Day 4


Now I was getting bored with the technique but little did I know it was working. Subconscious complexes were starting to come up like feeling fat. I remembered on Day 1 when I was filled with a feeling of universal love and that feeling hadn’t returned again.


Day 5


Now we moved onto the Vipassana technique. It’s basically scanning the body for sensations. I could feel lots of popping,  prickling sensations on this day. I also had a lot of thoughts come up around my weight and also my goals in life.


Day 6


This day was very interesting. The technique is to remain completely still and pay no attention to physical pain, like when your legs start aching. You also can’t pay any attention to the good euphoric feelings. What happens is that all the old pain and attachment will bubble up and vanish, therefore purifying the mind.


I had my objections. Number one being that we’re all genetically made to avoid pain. If you put your hand in a fire, you’ll pull away. We’re also genetically engineered for craving or wanting something better for ourselves which leads to evolution. I was battling this part of the process because I was thinking “why would one not want to have these traits?”


On the intellectual level I understand the argument how ‘craving’ leading to misery and understand the value of accepting ‘what is’, but I still argue that wanting to improve ourselves and craving to better ourselves is a good thing.


On this day I also kept have dreams of futuristic wars , like in a sci-fi movie where I was separated from my kids. It must be coming from a strong attachment to them because I raised them alone since pregnancy. Although I come across as an unattached and fairly free-spirited parent – this was showing me the deeper bonds are super strong. In one dream a super-war-like drone ship took my kids from my arms and I turned into some type of roaring fusion of E.T and Godzilla on a rampage…hmmmm. Don’t mess with my kids.


By this time I was aware there were only 3 more days left before the final day where we’re allowed to talk to each other. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it. I wasn’t looking forward to going back to a busy life of cooking, cleaning, driving, working, school run.


This mediation was heaven! So quiet and peaceful. BLISS!

Day 7


AMAZING! Today I was loving it! Nothing to do except concentrate on myself and see what else comes up. Only one purpose. Focus on the technique of meditation! What a great retreat! I was still feeling energetically blocked in unravelling what I wanted to do and focus on in life. But I was in full trust with the process. I was getting the most sleep and rest I’ve ever had in my life, so my wrinkles started to vanish (not really, but my I was feeling lighter and fresher!).


Day 8


Birds are chirping, trees and whispering in the wind and leaves are fluttering around in slow-mo. Until….they weren’t.


Every day it’s your choice whether or not you want to schedule a meeting with your teacher to talk about the technique. On this day I spoke with my teacher. Afterwards I bolted to the nearest place of solitude, which in this instance was a fountain, and bawled my eyes out.


Weirdly, it was for no reason at all!


I had spoken to my teacher about all the physical pain I had in my body from sitting up straight for hours and how it all vanished. Sitting there like a graceful Yoda exuding a sustained serene smile, she said ‘it’s imagined pain’.


Maybe I cried my beady little eyes out because I realized that all the pain I had in my life was imagined pain. I created it myself. My misery is self-inflicted.


It all came back to a deep-rooted belief of ‘I’m not enough’


I was married to a serial cheater, and I could never get my head around ‘open relationships’ where couples were allowed to see other people. This gave me a whole new perspective and respect for people who succeed at this. Both partners would need great strength and bother partners would need to feel ‘enough’. They respect themselves enough to not want to engage in that sexual activity and have no attachment (as in a feeling of ownership) to their partner to allow them that pleasure.


Can you see how crazy this experience is….? The things that your mind will bring? For me, it’s been a deep pain to be cheated on while pregnant and left with a small baby (twice). This meditation brought up this pain and had me bawl my eyes out to get rid of it.


I won’t say it’s completely gone, but I’m a hell of a lot lighter from it.


Nothing is permanent. Everything is constantly changing.


Day 9 –


Finally on day 10 I can find out what all the drama was about and why some of the people left? Talking only is permitted after 10am and I was looking forward to it. After all this time, although lapping up all the peace and relaxation, I was ready to move on. As a go-getter I found the course speed of delivering new information was quite slow and repetitive (and deliberating so). I could barely stand to hear the same mantras again. My brain would be saying, “yep I get it….equanimity of the mind, awareness, don’t generate craving or adversion or it will multiple and generate more sankaras (more deeply etched lines of misery).


All my moaning and groaning on the technique being delivered slowly was rapid fired on this day. In one audio sitting we were told of a new technique to penetrate the body as if you had already achieved it! Focus in on one spot the size of a fingernail to see if you have sensations, then feel this all over your body in waves. It was like ‘dude, no chance to even penetrate and you’re already jumping to full body waves?”. This was so different that the previous 3 days of just breathing!


Day 10 – Day of Talking


Although very exciting, we are only permitted to speak for 3 hours because the day’s jam packed. I found out some people left because they had a lot of trouble with the silence. There was group who made a pack if one leaves, they all leave. One being a new mum with an infant really struggled and 2 out of the group of 3 left.


What did I get out of it?


I felt more balanced and clear about where I was in life and why I didn’t have the success I wanted. I knew the lack of achieving my goals didn’t define me and that I’m able to redfine myself each new day.


At 40 years, I have another 20 years to carve out my working life. I felt more peace at where I’m at. I definitely felt more relaxed, rested and at peace. I had dissolved the feelings of resentment and loss at how my life turned out. I never wanted to a single mum and raise 2 boys alone and had felt a loss of never experiencing a nice pregnancy or having a loving partner. I also resented having all the financial pressure as well as having to be a full-time mother and carer, something that was very important to me because my mother was always there for me.


I felt like I have a special gift to shine and share with the world. I know I bring good energy and brightness to those around me. When I look back over the 10 days it started with me wanted to be skinny, fit, travelled, wealthy and successful and transitioned into a sense of contentment. A feeling of being OK with where I am and skill focused on where I want to go but with a greater sense of servitude, purpose to help others, to share love and make an impact. I have no doubt I’ll continue to follow my body, sensations, heart and path in life with grace and compassion.





Katie Joy

Katie Joy

Welcome! I decided freedom and flexibily were my top values and set out to create that life…
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Free Gratitude Journal

Steps To Overcome Being Told You’re Not Good Enough

Your Inner Critic Wants to Protect You

Divorce and becoming a single mother can make you feel like you’re not good enough. But this feeling of unworthiness starts much earlier. Every negative message and comment directed towards you early in your life end up sticking around as a supercritical voice in your head. You might know it as your inner voice telling you stuff like:

“You look so fat in that picture”

“There is NO-WAY you can do that”

“Nobody will listen to you”

“You don’t have anything valuable to give”

“You’re not smart enough to do that”.

But it’s important to realise it’s there only to protect you, keep you safe and prevent you from getting hurt. But it’s not at all going to help you GROW!

The Feeling of Failure Sucks

Even some seemingly dumb experiences can give this voice strength to hold you back!

I know for me it was being really good at netball and not making it into the rep team when I was 13! That might not seem like a big deal to some people but it was one of those ‘moments’ that made me think ‘I’m not good enough’…or should I say the experience made me BELIEVE I wasn’t good enough.

My inner voice would say things like “you’re not as good as you think you are”, so why try out the following year and risk feeling all that disappointment again?

Let’s face it, to an untrained mind the feeling of failure sucks. It was only trying to protect me from feeling bad, but does that voice help me grow. Nup, no-way.

Your Inner Critic Will Keep You Stuck

If left unchecked that harsh internal critical voice can quickly spiral you into feeling like crap or even into depression. 

Messages that tell you that you’re not good enough, not capable, become part of what you tell yourself in your mind on a daily basis. It becomes a habit and you don’t know any different. Once there, those messages can be challenging to remove or reframe.

It’s not your true thoughts, it’s a self-destructive stream of thinking inside your mind that always seeks to keep you safe. Which roughly translates to keeping you stuck, undercutting your happiness and holding you back from success.


You Can Reprogram Your Inner Dialogue

The great news is, you can overcome your inner critic and start reprogramming your mind. Woooo hoooo! Your internal dialogue can be transformed into a positive, comforting companion. It takes some work and doesn’t happen overnight. But there are many ways to shut that voice down. Take a look at the following steps to shedding your inner critical voice and giving yourself a mind massage!

#1 Become aware of what you say to yourself in your head. Most people have a voice running through their thoughts all day, every day. That voice is a negative reflection of our self-image, our self-esteem. When you feel down over something, pay attention to your thoughts. Are they straying into the unrealistically negative?

#2 Let mistakes go. Stop beating yourself up over mistakes, failures or embarrassments. There’s just no use in going over things that didn’t go right. Sometimes people think that be replaying whatever went wrong over and over, they can somehow learn not to make that mistake. In reality, it’s just fodder for our darkest thoughts about ourselves.

#3 Contradict your inner critic’s exaggerations with facts. Your inner critic always exaggerates. For example, an inner voice who tells you that you’re always weak can be countered with your writing or saying to yourself, “No, I have problems sometimes, but here I am. I get through my problems.”

#4 Thank your negative inner voice but don’t do what it tells you! It will tell you to give up, or quit your job, or out and out die. That voice can be that horribly harsh sometimes. But recognise it’s trying to protect you and thank it for looking out for you.

#5 Ask yourself this question: Is this in the best interest for me to achieve my goals and personal growth”. If it’s not leading you to where you want to be. Then recognise your inner critic for doing its job. Act with compassion toward yourself and be true to who you are—the best you, the real you. Let your negative inner voice know the things you want to achieve, the good outcomes in life you deserve, and that you chose to focus on those even though it may be uncomfortable or risky. Life is only lived once huh! Best to try than not to try at all!

#6 Consider what’s the worst that could happen. If your inner voice is screaming that you’re going to blow an important presentation and be fired and never get another job, redirect that scary exaggeration. Consider: even if you got fired, you’d find another job. Make sure to confront your inner voice with reality.

#7 Be kind to yourself. Ask yourself if you’d speak to a friend or your own child in the same way your critical voice speaks to you. Would you tell someone you loved “You always mess up,” or “Why bother? Everyone thinks you’re ridiculous.” Of course, we don’t talk that way to people we value, but we lash ourselves with those terrible statements daily. Extend yourself the same kindness you give others.

So Just Talk Nice To Yourself

Finally, practice self-talk. When your inner critic gets going, tell yourself that the fear isn’t you. Sometimes you’re afraid, because you’re human, and everyone is afraid sooner or later. However, that fear isn’t who you are, and it’s not going to stop you. When it comes to your inner critical voice trying to scare you into immobility, remember that it’s ok to be scared.

Be scared and still go forward boldly with your life! You got this!

Dance Poem for Mums

Happy Mothers Day!!! Let’s love Mums Days 💞💞
YOU’RE a dance MUM 💃
who loves to have FUN 🎊

You ROCK⭐️
COZ you dance around the CLOCK ⏲

YOU take care of your BODY 👙
and don’t listen to NOBODY👪

YOU just feel the MUSIC inside YOU U 🎧🎧
Pulsing out the BLUE 😰

YOU unite for PURPOSE 🌎
and make the sweat & aches WORTH IT 🏋🏼

YOU know your body will feel GOOD🏆
BUT it’s what’s under the HOOD 🏡

and that’s the way you were born to BE!! 🎈