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Make Money from Home and Spend Time With Your Kids

If people say that “being a parent is the hardest job of all, then being a single mom is even harder!” There’s the added pressure to earn all the money to pay big bills like mortgages or rent on one income.

Oh and did I mention the pressure to be the stay-at-home parent to raise the children as well…. what the…???

Earn AND stay at home…hummph

I don’t believe raising kids was supposed to be a one-man (or should I say one-woman) deal. Yet many of us end up pulling our hair out as we morph between being mesmerised with our child’s adorable innocence to locking ourselves in the cupboard for some peace and quiet. 

Working from home part-time give independent mothers so much freedom, reducing stress and increasing overall happiness of the family. 

Best Remote / Online Jobs for Stay at Home Single Moms

Single mothers make up a large percentage of the workforce. According to the Australian Government Institute of Family Studies:

In Australia it is estimated that between a third and 
45 per cent of people who marry will divorce. 
The US has higher rates of people who ever divorce.*

So we can assume that a lot of women who end up divorced will be single moms. Unless of course, she hooked up with the neighbour’s husband (jokes).

Making money quickly becomes a number one priority, especially if you don’t end up with much child support (or alimony as is the case in the USA). If you have little kids you might not want to go back to full-time work. 

I’m here to serve you up a dish of options so you can enjoy the flexibility of working from home. Be a stay-at-home working mom…




**Please note this is work in progress. I’m constantly coming back to update it, so please email me at or write in the comments and I will be overjoyed to add your stay-at-home job recommendations.**


I’ve only researched the highest paying jobs as I don’t want you to fluff around wasting time, after all, you have kids to look after!

My Own Experience As a Work-From-Home Single Mom

I ended up a single mom while pregnant with my second child. I didn’t know what to do. All I knew is that I would scrub toilets with a toothbrush if I had to, just to keep my house. Not even that I liked my house particularly, more because the housing market dropped and I didn’t want to lose my 20% deposit. Despite having no family around and good hearted recommendations from dear friends to go back and live near my parents, I decided to pursue a business. This dance fitness business my ex, “the superstar dancer” started, while me, “the goofy-environmental-scientist-scared-of-being-center-stage was in no way qualified for this role.

Anyway to cut a long story short eventually my motivation to survive surpassed my fear of failure.

It was a huge success for the following 6 years. But my burning heart could be silenced no longer so I followed a dream to live and travel Asia with my kids for an extended period of time. Yet again I was forced into survival mode so I frantically sought out online jobs to prolong our global adventure. My message to you is this;

“when pushed you can sink or swim. If you are gonna sink it my-as-well be kicking with all you’ve got!


Online Work From Home Jobs for Single Mothers    

There are a lot of good jobs for stay at home moms. It can be a bit lonely working from home sometimes but the flexibility of earning from the comfort of your home far outweighs the negatives of occasional isolation. It also means you can pack your bags anytime and keep earning money where ever you want to live. You are not at the mercy of employers and worry about finding work in the place where you want to move too.

Ok, let’s get cracking.

Step 1 – Subscribe to Work From Home Jobs “Websites”

If you really want to work from home then subscribe to all the job boards and job websites you can think of that’s relevant to you and where you live. Make sure you only subscribe to jobs that come up within your search parameters. Set up email alerts for keywords.

Keywords to use when searching on jobsearch websites:

  • work from home
  • online jobs
  • teach english online / online english teacher
  • online tutor
  • freelance writing jobs
  • online typing jobs
  • online customer service
  • online assistant
  • work from home administration

Online Job Sites for Mums in Australia

When you first start to look for a work from home job, you should sign up to all the jobs sites. I’ve found a few niche sites in Australia that focus on jobs for mums. These are:

  1. | Job board, Education, Community | Focus on online business and freelancing
  2. Indeed | Job Search
  3. Seek | Job Search
  4. Career One Australia
  5. Australian Government Job Site

Online Job Sites for Mums in the UK

  1. Ireland |

Join Facebook Groups Advertising Jobs Online

You can join facebook groups or follow instagram hashtags for jobs. if you are bilingual, check in different languages.

  • Facebook groups – type ‘job search’ in your facebook browser and click ‘groups’
  • You may also search instagram hashtags however I don’t think they work very well in English. You usually get people advertising virtual assistant jobs.
  • In Indonesia the hashtag #lowongankerja (job vacancy) was super popular for adverting jobs through instagram. Depending on the country you live in, it may be a growing trend and it may work for you.



Online Jobs for at Home Moms

Honestly, without knowing what your interests, skills and experiences are, it’s really hard to figure out what jobs will suit you. If you come from a professional background there are a lot of companies that’ll hire you for a part-time or full-time position, so hunt around and don’t give up! Some of the examples of the types of jobs that companies are hiring to work remotely are:

  • Social media manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Any digital marketing expertise (e.g. SEO, strategy, specific software or platform expertise)
  • Transcription (e.g. Medical Typist, Legal Typist)
  • Fundraiser
  • Tax / accounting
  • Online travel agents
  • Online mortgage brokers
  • Apple care / support / customer service
  • Telemarketing
  • Sales agents
  • Customer service / call centre
  • Programming / coding

Online Writing Jobs for Moms


A copywriter is somebody who writes advertising – which is. defined as “salesmanship in print. Copywriting is the craft of writing persuasive ads or engaging content which get people to part with their money or take some form of action.

I stumbled onto this job when I needed more income to keep travelling with kids. I found it advertised on At first it took me a long time to make little money. Within about a month I was much faster and able to earn more. This led to more opportunities as my skills developed. If you can write and type, this is actually a good career to go into. If you get really good the earning potential gets higher and higher!

Teach English Online

Teaching English online via to kids in China is a booming industry. There are literally 100’s of companies offering opportunities. You only need a stable internet connection and headset. Many companies have their own teaching platform and materials that you use. This means very little preparation. Just turn up and engage with your student. 

For native English speakers, this can be ideal. You can earn a stable income and then add extra jobs to earn more. While I travelled I taught English online to kids in China. If you average US$17 hour (thats averaging out with working hours, standby pay and bonuses),  teaching or on standby at least 15 hours per week, you can earn about US$1200 a month – easily. For single people without kids this is more than enough to live in many countries throughout Asia, South America or Africa. That’s why I know that anyone who’s a native English speaker can travel long term.

Online Tutor

Online tutors teach people within a virtual environment. You can tutor in any subject you are an expert in. Mostly you need a degree or currently studying.

Some require an assessment where you demonstrate your knowledge. I like the concept of online tutoring for single mothers who have a degree but want to mix up part-time work with some work from home jobs to have flexibility around kids.

USA / AUSTRALIA / UK (*some global)

  1. | AU/UK/USA | Online Homework Help
  2. – UK’s Best Selection of Online Tutors
  3. | UK & USA | Homework Help in Math, Science & English (Min 4hrs/day, Masters Degree)
  4. – K-12 And College Level In Math, Science & English | AU/NZ/UK/USA/SINGAPORE
  5. TutorMe –  On-Demand Homework Help | Test Prep Courses

The following are USA Residents Only

  1. | Higher Education
  2. | Military | Schools | Corporate

Virtual Assistant

Most virtual assistants are contract or freelance workers who do their jobs remotely using an internet connection. They focus on administrative tasks that can be anything from uploading content to a blog, posting on social media, customer service.

I have a good friend and person I trust who teaches people how to set up a virtual assistant business. You can access it here

Best Jobs for Stay-at-home Moms with No Experience

I’ve researched a bunch of stay at home mom jobs ideas and feel like I need to mention Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. Basically it’s when you sell someone elses services or products on a commission basis (you don’t have a salary).

This is something I have tried over the years (I sold scentsy melts, herbalife) but I don’t like these money making models for a number of reasons. 

  1. You’re constrained by the companies rules and regulations
  2. You don’t own the product
  3. You’re under the mercy of the company if they change the rules and pricing
  4. You don’t have freedom and you can’t unleash too much creativity.

But on the other hand lot’s of people like working for these types of companies for these reasons:

  1. You get training, support and a in some cases a mentor (the person who referred you)
  2. You don’t have to think much. All the hard work has been done for you. They can tell you what type of person loves their products and they’ve developed all the marketing materials, infrastructure (website), products, everything basically. All you need to do is build your own clientele to a product that’s proven, working and people love.

Some people have found success and enjoy MLM businesses. I’ve heard good reports from Rodan and Fields Skincare and Juice Plus Supplements.

Joining an MLM company may seem appealing because it offers freedom and flexibility, and the promise of big earning potential. But proceed with caution. While it might be possible to make good money if you’re a genius salesperson and get in on the ground floor at a growing company, most people aren’t so lucky and you may even end up losing money. It’s definately not for me, but it may be for you, so I thought it was worth a mention.

Business Ideas for Single Mothers

I love, love, love the idea of small business for single mothers. I had a great dance fitness business when my kids were only little and it gave me a ton of flexibility to be around my kids. It was definitely not easy and was sometimes stressful, but it far outweighed the alternative of finding a job, putting my kids in daycare all day, having a boss and squishing down all my creativity and freedom.

I suggest you start looking at your passions and interests before diving into something. If you have a hobby that’s already making money then perhaps it’s time to look at how you can start to grow and scale it. 

*Research Paper No. 38. 2007. The consequences of divorce for financial living standards in later life. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 12 February 2019].

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