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from office job to Zumba business….

Who would love to merge over to a full time job doing what you love!!

Sounds pretty awesome huh!

I know you would really love to just teach your dance fitness program, such as Zumba and make a full time income, however I have researched lots of case studies and it appears the key is in diversification.

If you can offer a range of different things, such as life coaching, personal training, different programs, nutrition, wellness etc. Then you are more likely able to earn a decent income.


Below is a interview with Tammy Gunn who shares her tips on starting a Zumba business.





Disclaimer: Published on Mar 12, 2014 Youtube by Artik

Highlights of the interview with Tammy Gunn, focusing on the business portion of the interview. Tammy Gunn operates a Zumba and Laughter Yoga fitness business in Toronto, Canada.
(Full interview…)
Key points in the interview:
• How she left a full-time job and started her own business
• Advice to anyone considering the same move
• Why starting part-time and hiring a business coach is a good idea
• The importance of planning and setting up goals for several time periods
• Marketing tips for getting new customers
• Word of mouth marketing
• Social media marketing with special offers
• Guerrilla marketing with posters
Tammy Gunn is a friend, and a customer of custom printed promotional items at

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