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From Grief to Greatness!

Inspiring Quotes: I had a phase of lemons and finally made lemonade!

I seriously went through such a long painful journey starting with cancer, the death of my first child, a shattered relationship full of lies, deceit and serial cheating (no judgement), falling in love again and having it all repeat, friends I let too close to my business ending in betrayal….rebuilding my business again, having it happen again…

Seeing a pattern huh? I’m obviously not learning my lessons the first time.

geeez I could go on and on…. you might have seen fun loving pictures I always had posted but I was always hurting inside! Sometimes on my worst days I would share the most positive things (perhaps I just wanted it so bad). Ive always been so positive and despite my pain I never wanted people to know my pain. I didn’t want simpathy or help or even to read loving words of kindness. I didnt want to come to terms with my pain.

I didnt want to acknowledge it.

Until I had to. My time in Bali Ive had to face the ugly truth. The pain, the hurt, my imperfections, my mistakes and weirdly and wonderfully work through them!

Today I hung out with an incredible young woman whose rawness and beauty edged me closer to opening up and finding my truth. Im so grateful for this life of pain and pleasure that leads us uncover new depths we never knew existed.

I truely feel like my lemons are turning to lemonade…and if you have some serious heart wrenching cr*p going on…keep pushing forward and always remember to be kind to yourself.

Love n smiles,

Kt xx

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