Recently I had to teach Zumba at a huge combined school event do Under 8’s Day.

It could be daunting as I arrive ALONE, I’ve told NO-ONE & I’m scheduled to teach Zumba on the stage.
I know some instructors would & should be nervous – especially if they are not aware of the secret formula for succeeding at events!

They would be asking questions like;

“Will anyone join in”

“Will I be just dancing around like a jelly bean on my own”

Or worse

“Will people walk by and not even notice me”

Luckily, I’ve been doing this long enough to realise the key ingredients to success.

Firstly …

Dress to impress !

That’s right’s for kids!! So turning up in boring colours just won’t cut it. Even though Zumba has done a great job with their Zumba wear collection…turn it up a notch or two or three! As long as your target is under 12 years – add bright wigs, tie bright matching arm tassels over your arm, add a skirt, spray yourself in glitter (I use glitter hair spray on my body and the whole can only cost $2.99), put on the lippy, get anything that glitters, put on funky Brewster knee high socks, funky caps, whatever your unique style is…mix and mash. It will do huge amounts to draw attention and interest !!! Which is key to drawing a cold crowd in!

Know your music and pick EASY interactive song!

Easy easy easy ! Did I say that…easy !!! I mean 3-4 moves max! Literally arms waving, stomping, side get the picture. This is not about YOU or showing off your best DANCING. Zumba is not about DANCING. It is about fun, freedom and moving to music. Why is their catch phrase “loose yourself in the music”? You’re goal at a demo is about the kids! To get AS MANY AS POSSIBLE moving and having fun to music. Concentrate on those who you get moving and make sure they can keep up the pace. Most have never been to a Zumba class and even if they have picking super duper easy songs makes them have fun and look like a super pro!

When the song is intractive in the language of your country they will get it much faster. Eg. “Throw your hands up”, “move to the left” …they hear it and can do it. These songs are perfect for demos!

High energy with lots of vocal points. These are great for demos, with lots of ooh ohh, woop woop, clap get the picture. Even a follow the leader or jump and spin your friend. Kids respond really well to these songs becaus they are incredibly fun!

Be number one on the mic

Before you start it is your job to speak with energy, passion and vitality and tell everyone what you want and expect. Invite super stars to join you. Say you expect all the kids who love music and dance to come forward and that you have a special treat for them.  Tell them you will choose the best to dance on stage and tell them you have a special surprise to give the kids who smile and dance the most. You can bring stickers, dance certificate post cards (this is my Dance Star award which is also a great promotion for my classes) .

Keep it short!

No more than 10-15mins. That’s 3-4 songs. That’s it. Any more and it is too much for a public demo. You want to come in strong and leave strong. You want a big crowd super engaged and then lining up with their parents after the session who want to know more!

High five as many if the kids you can after the session
So Back to under 8s day…

The BEST thing about this day was bringing kids up on the stage… Some where new & never before had done any Zumba … they didn’t know me from a bar of soap…

But the BEST part was bringing kids up on the stage… Some new & never before had done anything in Zumba … they didn’t know me from a bar of soap…

Some my little Super Stars!

They all LOVED it!

That’s the magic !

The smiles on their faces, the joy, the happiness!

It’s so EASY, you don’t have to practice for weeks to perform dance on a stage, but you still get all the benefits that comes with performing!!!

Plus great Fitness!

Zumba is a really beneficial program for kids! I’m obviously a HUGE advocate because I’ve seen the change in my children from being involved in EASY DANCE!!

Love the Zumba Kids program !!!
I hope this has helped you!